Supervision and Remote Management of Industrial Facilities

At big and complex installations the possibility of having real time information about the equipment status and alarms is an invaluable advantage. If you can have real time information about equipment problems, why wait until the consequences are felt? With our system you will be able to control any equipment at any facility, locally or remotely through a direct link, SMS, modem, the internet or LAN.

Some application examples:

- Facility's Monitoring

All the activity of the facility (alarms, equipment status, outputs), is followed and recorded by the  S-Monitor software and by its users through the interfacing methods offered by this software.

- Equipment Control

Any equipment present in the facility can be controlled by the system, being automatically associated with all the tools that the S-Monitor software provides;

- Detection of Pipe Breakages

The system can detect pipe breakages by comparing flows and/or pressures on the pipes with previously programmed values. This value can be adjusted automatically by schedule or by other conditions according to the specific demands of the facility. In case of a breakage detection the system can act on the equipment as programmed by the user or send an SMS alarm to the maintenance team.

- Cooling Equipment Temperature Monitoring and Registering

The S-Monitor software can monitor and register the temperature of cooling equipment in real time and send SMS messages if the temperature inside the equipment is below the minimum value or above the maximum value set by the user during a predefined period of time.

- Alarm Detection

Every time that a switch or a major piece of equipment is out of service, the system can warn the user by SMS, visually or with a sound as soon as it happens which avoids from the failures only to be noticed when the consequences are being felt.

- Energy Consumption Control

The system can limit the usage of equipment according to the power consumption of the equipment and to its priority in the system. It is important to highlight the fact that the S-Monitor monitors and records all the energy consumption within de facility.

- Control and Data Gathering of Chlorine Levels in Pools and Water Treatment Stations

Through the installation of probes, the system can easily control the dosage of chlorine or any another pool water treatment. Additionally, the S-Monitor software registers the substance levels in the pool.

- Temperature Systems Control

Whether we are talking about a heat pump, a boiler, a cold room or refrigeration chamber the S-Monitor software can monitor and control them.

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