Itelmatis offers to all its costumers the expertise and experience of its team.

Itelmatis has a very experienced team and also invest in the training of new professionals who are always willing to give their best.


These are some of the services provided by our team:

Electrical panel manufacturing:

Itelmatis designs and manufactures electrical panels for energy distribution, power and control.

To provide our customers with the best delivery times and the high quality required in this sector we have a team of qualified panel builders and installers and modern installations and equipment to ensure the best conditions for panel manufacturing.

All the electrical panels certified by Itelmatis are tested by our technicians to ensure the quality and reliability of the final product.

Industrial installation manufacturing:

Itelmatis performs industrial electrical installations where our specialised technicians use the most modern techniques and their wide experience to ensure the best results. Our technical team works hard to maximise the safety and reliability of our services minimising costs.

Experience means to know the best materials, to have the best suppliers, to use the best techniques and to know how to prevent future problems.

Our technical team can not only count on their experience and training but also on our permanent engineering support only a phone call away.

Industrial installation refurbishment:

Mastering the latest technologies and knowing the old ones, Itelmatis is capable of performing industrial installation refurbishments giving them the most technologically advanced systems and constantly training our staff so they are always up to date.

Industrial installation maintenance:

We offer maintenance services including corrective and preventive interventions.

We offer our customers maintenance contracts with immediate assistance availability for daily periods of 8 or 24 hours.

Remote assistance over the internet:

One of the main characteristics of Itelmatis is definitely the use of new technologies where this constitutes a gain and an optimization.

In order to reduce waiting times and the costs associated with technical service visits Itelmatis provides its customers with system reprogramming, calibration and parameterization as well as software upgrades and automaton programming via internet.


- The customer does not have to pay for the travelling and accommodation costs associated with a physical visit

- Response time is almost immediate

- The system is constantly updated

- New features implementation at lower cost


Industrial installations maintenance:

Water Management
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>> Wells
>> Availability Management

Industrial Facilities
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>> Irrigation
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>> Irrigation Pivots Control

>> Maintenance Contracts
>> Audits
>> Diagnostics and Repairs


Building Management System

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>> Control Panels

>> Refrigerated Chambers
>> AHU and MAU

>> Boilers

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