Fertigation consists in the application of nutrients in a water based solution in order to irrigate the crops with a specific nutritive solution. This practice can save the user a considerable amount of fertilizer and water. The specific amount of fertilizer in the solution varies from crop to crop, and is set by the user. The physical dosage of fertilizers is done by injection pumps and valves that dose the correct concentration in a mixing container. After this process the solution is injected into the irrigation system with a pump for its distribution through the irrigation.


The reliability and efficiency of  fertigation depends on the correct control of the equipment in order to maintain the correct concentration levels. With the S-Ferti control system it is so easy and safe to control your fertigation. Thanks to the pH, conductivity and flow level graphics you will be able to analyse your irrigation data and make the necessary adjustments to optimise the process, In case of equipment failure you will be notified by mobile to allow you to correct the problem straight away.  You will be able to define your objectives by timetables, days of the week or any of the other parameter monitored by the system.

The S-Ferti can be used together with the SM-Irrigation as the easiest and most effective way to coordinate irrigation. These two solutions combined constitute a very powerful irrigation management system with unlimited expansion possibilities.


  1. pH and conductivity control using time adjustments or a PID controller
  2. Definition of fertilizer proportions
  3. Capacity for four pumps and fertilizer injection valves and one acid injection valve
  4. Two deposits per fertilizer out of a total of eight
  5. Control of the deposit aeration
  6. Fertilizer container pump control with minimum and maximum level detection
  7. Protection against incoherent measurements with the usage of a double probe system (pH and Conductivity)
  8. Manual control of any equipment by software
  9. Automatic irrigation objective definition and irrigation start times by schedule (time of the day, day of the week, solar radiation or any other variable monitored by the system)
  10. Graphics and historical information of the PH, conductivity, irrigation duration, flows, etc.
  11. Possibility to review the history of a past irrigation through the record simulator
  12. SMS alarm in case of equipment failure or unreliable readings
  13. Automatic system shutdown in case of priority equipment failure
  14. Multi user system with definition of access permissions. You can give access to one user to start irrigation but not to change the pH or conductivity set values
  15. It can be used together with other S-Monitor based solutions increasing the system's functionalities
  16. All the S-Monitor advantages are available with no restrictions.  Some of them are tailored reports, graphics and SMS messages, data history, programmes, etc.

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