The control solution for Make-Up Air Unit (MAU) from Itelmatis can be used individually or in a set of units. The controller adapts to different types of configurations and equipment combinations. As the system is very flexible it is ideal for the automation of new and existing equipment.

Example 1 – Control software integrated in a Building Management System (BMS)


Example 2 – Control software integrated in a Building Management System (BMS)

The controller can be associated to the S-Monitor software allowing:

  • Real time visualization of the temperature evolution, valve status and records, equipment status and failures, number of working hours of the ventilation fans and all the variables included in the process
  • Historical information of events and measurements for analysis through graphs, data excel exportation and record simulation tool which allows us to identify problems in the most effective way
  • SMS alarms in in case of equipment failure
  • Definition of the target temperature and operating mode by timetable
  • Tailored SMS for filter cleaning or any other maintenance activities associated with the number of working hours of each piece of equipment
  • All the advantages associated with the S-Monitor software including the possibility of adding equipment and solutions to be managed by one platform

Equipment most frequently used in control applications:

  • Transducers for PT100, NTC, PTC, PT1000 temperature probes
  • Transducers for humidity probes
  • Transducers for air flow sensors
  • Pressure switches
  • Pressure switch for manual control
  • Motorized valves
  • Motor dampers
  • Fans


- Transducers for PT100, NTC, PTC, PT1000 temperature probes;

- Transducers for humidity probes;

- Transducers for air flow sensors;

- Pressure switches;

- Pressure switch for manual control;

- Motorized valves;

- Motor Dampers;

- Fans.

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