Irrigation Management

The S-Irrigation is an irrigation machine that has many characteristics that make it  unique.

It is not limited to any number of valves, and can manage from 6 to hundreds of them.

With irrigation times, overlap times, programmable sectors and more than 500 programs available the combinations are almost unlimited.

The user can program irrigations by the time of the day, day of the week, day of the month, and any day intervals.

The irrigation periods may vary according to the accumulated solar radiation, average temperature, precipitation or any combination of these values.

With the estimated flow per valve or sector system is it possible to receive a irrigation alarm in case of abnormal values.

It allows you to link the units within a network to be able to manage a great number of valves within one integrated system.

In order to manage the fertigation dossage and irrigation schedule as an integrated system it can be combined with the S-Ferti solution.



Advantages in the communication with:



  • Pumping stations – Custom pressure set point according to the sector to be irrigated, irrigation reprogramming having into consideration water availability due to pump failures, etc.
  • Weather station – Data acquisition to adjust the irrigation having into account the current weather status, etc.
  • Greenhouse environment control system – In the irrigation by fogger system for example, it is possible to coordinate the greenhouse rooftop opening  while the irrigation is taking place with the wind speed and direction among other parameters
  • Integrated equipment (freezing chambers, etc.) - Irrigation rescheduling or equipment disconnection in order to measure the energy consumption  accurately by avoiding simultaneous equipment operation which could generate energy consumptions above the set levels









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