Building Management System

The energetic efficiency, resources optimization and equipment monitoring and control of a building are some of the most important needs of the current management systems where energy saving and process automation are key.

Our answer is a optimized building management system were the focus on being user friendly is our priority, making it easy to use with appealing graphics and synoptics with a clean and simple design, to avoid the subjacent intricate technology from being an obstacle to its usage.

All the experience gathered with the control of industrial processes is present here making this a very useful product for the facility's managers.


Time for the things that really matter:

  • Control of climate units, air treatment units, fan convectors, thermal power stations and boilers
  • Illumination circuit control by schedule, exterior luminosity and energy billing period
  • Energy consumption monitoring and equipment management according to it
  • Intruder alarms, electrical protection activation, alarms for CO, CO2, gas, temperature, fire, etc
  • Presence indicator in different areas of the facility and visualization of the doors and windows status (open/closed)
  • Current status of the emergency generators, security valves and all other systems that can be integrated.


Tools that make your everyday easier:

  • Real time monitoring
  • Event alarms on an independent screen window
  • Integrated services for an easy configuration of SMS alarms and tailor made SMS reports
  • Freedom to choose how to control the equipment with user friendly programs
  • Customised graphics of any system variable
  • Manual and automatic data exporting to *.csv files which are compatible with excel and most software
  • Integrated database, optimized for speed and recording of all the system variables
  • Event simulation through the record simulation tool for an easy assessment of what is causing equipment failures


Water management:

Global visualization of the monitored prove output:


Energy quality analisys:

Power factor correction:

History of sent and received SMS:

Automatic exporting of temperatures:


Customized charts:

Quick charts with statistic information:


Illumination management according to schedule, exterior illumination and energy cost:

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Building Management System

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